Nine Medieval Latin Plays

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Cambridge Medieval Classics

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EditorPeter Dronke
Languagesenglish, latin
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Release year2008
Publisher/ProducerCambridge University Press
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This first volume of Cambridge Medieval Classics offers the text of nine of the most outstanding plays composed and performed in the eleventh and twelfth centuries, the period of the finest flowering of medieval Latin drama. Newly edited and translated, the texts are given in both Latin and English, with detailed notes and apparatus to aid interpretation.

They are selected to represent the range of dramatic achievement between about 1050 and 1180, when the use of sung play-texts, within a context of liturgical ceremony as well as for secular entertainment, was at its peak. The plays chosen are boldly inventive and compellingly imaginative, revealing the depth and range of the medieval dramatic mind.

Included are works from France and Germany, a piece by Hildegard of Bingen, and the Passion Play from the Carmina Burana.

  • First accessible edition of medieval Latin plays
  • Parallel English translation enables use by readers with no Latin
  • Texts newly edited from manuscript


  •  Preface
  •  Abbreviations
  •  Introduction
  •  Eleventh-Century Plays: I. Sponsus (The Bridegroom)
  •  2. Officium stelle (The Play of the Star)
  •  3-4. Tres filie, Tres clerici (The Three Daughters and The Three Students)
  •  Twelfth-Century Plays:
  •  5-6.Verses pascales de tres Maries, Versus de pelegrino (Easter Verses of the Three Maries and Verses about the Stranger)
  •  7. Danielis ludus (The Play of Daniel)
  •  8. Ordo Virtutum (The Play of the Virtues)
  •  9. Ludus de passione (The Passion Play, from the Carmina Burana)
  •  Textual and Explanatory Notes.