20 Stretta Punkte
9,90 €
50 Stretta Punkte
22,90 €
100 Stretta Punkte
39,90 €
200 Stretta Punkte
69,90 €

Buying Download Points

Stretta Points are the "currency" with which you pay for Stretta downloads. This is how it works:

You buy a block of 20, 50, 100, 200 points; these are credited to your customer account at stretta.de. If you do not yet have a customer account, a new one will be opened for you automatically when you place an order.

Immediately after placing your order you can use the points in your account to begin your download.

You can check on how many points are left in your account at any time under My account; the current status will also be shown at every download. You can add points to your account at any time with no loss of existing points.