Gary Dahl

Master Accordion Scale Book

with Jazz Scale Studies

for: Accordion

Music lesson book

Item no.275137
Author/ComposerGary Dahl
Scope80 pages
Publisher/ProducerMel Bay Publications
Producer No.MB 99762
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  • Art Van Damme Dedication
  • About the Author
  • Warm up Exercises
  • One Octave Major Scales
  • A Major to Cs Major
  • F Major to Gf Major
  • C Major and A Minor, 3rds and Chromatic Scale in 3rds
  • G Major and E Minor
  • D Major and B Minor
  • A Major and Fs Minor
  • E Major and Cs Minor
  • B Major and Ds Minor
  • Cs Major, As Minor, F Major, D Minor
  • D Minor, Bf Major, G Minor
  • G Minor, Ef Major, C Minor
  • Af Major, F Minor, Df Major
  • Bf Minor, Gf Major, Ef Minor, Cf Major, Af Minor
  • Major Scales in Two Octaves, C to Df
  • Gf to G
  • LH Major Scale, Unison, Contrary,RH Chromatic Scale
  • RH Chromatic Scale Descending, Both Hands in 3rds, 6ths, LH Chromatic Scale
  • LH Harmonic Minor, Melodic, RH A Minor (Natural Minor)
  • Minor Scale Theory
  • D Melodic Minor to Gf Melodic Minor
  • G Melodic Minor to B Melodic Minor
  • The Diminished Scale
  • Diminished Scales, Augmented Scale
  • Melodic Examples
  • Root to Root Modes
  • Modal Theory
  • The Melodic Minor as Used in Jazz
  • Pentatonic and Blues Scales
  • Minor Pentatonic
  • The Four Primary Jazz Scales
  • Blues Scales (Synthetic Pentatonics)
  • Synthetic Pentatonic Examples
  • G Scale Modes
  • D Scale Modes
  • A Scale Modes
  • E Scale Modes
  • B Scale Modes
  • B and Fs Scale Modes
  • Fs Scale Modes
  • F Scale Modes
  • Bf Scale Modes
  • Ef Scale Modes
  • Af Scale Modes
  • Af and Df Scale Modes
  • Df and Gf Scale Modes
  • Gf Scale Modes
  • Brazeal (Original Jazz Samba Utilizing Jazz Scales and Chords)
  • More Examples of Jazz Scales and Chords
  • Rockin The Blues
  • Watch Your Bach