Clarinet – Sheet Music, Tuition & Scores

“Clarinets, like lawyers, have cases, mouthpieces, and they need a constant supply of hot air in order to function.” Victor Borge, Danish-American Comedian, Pianist & Conductor.

That may be true, but we know which one we would prefer to listen to on a sunny afternoon! Whether you are looking for Clarinet for Beginners, or some Concert Repertoire for Clarinet, or you want to explore the wonderful world of Benny Goodman, take a look at our sheet music, tuition books and scores, grab your clarinet case and mouthpiece, and get that hot air flowing today!

The descendant of the Medieval French Chalumeau, the first clarinet was built in Nürnberg in the early eighteenth century by Johann Christoph Danner. The clarinet is generally made of Grenadilla, an African blackwood. After evolving through the previous century, in the mid nineteenth century, Theolbald Boehm used his work with the flute to develop the key & ring mechanism which turned the clarinet into the instrument we recognise today.

Some clarinet suggestions