Luiz Roberto Cioce Sampaio

Drums from Brazil

Brazilian Percussion (Rebolo, Hand Repique, Tantan and Multiple Percussion) (Teaching material) (Teaching material)

for: Drum kit

DVD (learning video)

Item no.622210
Author/ComposerLuiz Roberto Cioce Sampaio
Languagesenglish, spanish
Scope70 pages; 23 × 30.5 cm
Release year2014
Publisher/ProducerAdvance Music
Producer No.ADV 13026
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This instructional multimedia set contains a book and a DVD designed to help master classic Brazilian rhythms for percussion instruments. Starting out with warm-ups and groove patterns, this method presents the popular samba, bossa nova and baião styles as well as exciting varieties of Afoxé, Xaxado, Marchinha, Xote and Samba in 7/8 for the experienced player. For each style, the DVD includes sample performances that can be used when learning and practicing hand coordination and technique.Drums from Brazil is suitable for an autodidactic approach but can also be employed by teachers for one-on-one or group instruction.The author is one of Brazil’s most in-demand percussionists and percussion teachers, performing with ensembles from symphony orchestras to samba schools. He works as a private tutor and is credited with the invention of the Ceramofone a percussion instrument made of ceramics and played with sticks.


  • Acknowledgements
  • Preface
  • How to Use this Method
  • Notation
  • Hand Warm-Up Routine/Refining Sounds/Perfecting Rhythms
  • Exercises: Hand Coordination/Independence
  • Coordination(Independence with Slap and Thumb
  • Coordination/Independence in Compound Time
  • Making It Ring Out
  • Subdivisions
  • Polyrhythms
  • Challenge
  • Rhythms: Afoxé
  • Afro
  • Baiao
  • Other Rhythms
  • Samba/Bossa Nova
  • Samba with Thumb
  • Accentuation Effects
  • Accent Variations
  • Pandeiro Rhythms on the Rebolo
  • Hand Repique
  • Music: Only for Married Couples
  • Short Piece for TanTan and Pandeiro
  • Bibliography
  • About the Author