Sheet Music for choir

The wide choral landscape includes mixed choirs, male, female and children’s choirs. The choirs can either perform a capella, with piano accompaniment or with various ensembles up to large orchestras.

The Gregorian Chant forms the beginning of the choir singing. Via Palestrina and di Lasso we arrive at J. S. Bach. Along with Telemann and Händel he helped vocal music to a climax by juxtaposing the choir with an independently acting orchestra.

In the classical period he mainly wrote sacred works. J. Haydn, Mozart, Schubert and Beethoven composed many masses for liturgical use. In opera, too, the choir is playing an increasingly important role.

The choral music of the Romantic period was characterised by the genres of choral song and oratorio. The oratorios Elijah and Paul by Brahms and Verdi. In this epoch there is an instrumentation record in the a capella field: Mendelssohn’s motet ’Hora est’. Here each voice is represented four times. Large choral symphonies, such as some symphonies by Mahler, remain rather a rarity.

In modern times, composers such as Webern and Schönberg have composed for choir.

Since the end of the 20th century, new choral genres such as Gospel choir, Pop oder Jazz choir emerged. Composers like Rutter, Gjeilo and Whitacre are very popular.

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