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When asked at age 93, why he continued to practice, world renowned cellist Pablo Casals answered "..because I’m beginning to see some improvement.”

The desire and enthusiasm to develop and improve never dies, no matter how advanced or accomplished one might be. Browse our sheet music, tuition books and scores today, and whether you are after Cello for Beginners, or you need some Concert Repertoire for Cello, we have something in our shop for everyone.

Although various violins and violas were around from the 16th century, it wasn’t until the middle of the 17th century, with the dawn of metal wound strings, that the bass viola, which was much larger, began to reduce in size, and look much more like its modern-day counterpart. In order to produce the low frequencies with original strings, the bass viola had to be much larger than the modern cello, but by the early 18th century, and thanks to Antonio Stradivari, the cello finally took the size and shape that we recognise today.

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