Elliott Carter (19082012)

Esprit rude/Esprit doux I (1984)

for: Flute, clarinet

Ensemble score

Item no.373719
Author/ComposerElliott Carter
Scope4 pages
Publisher/ProducerBoosey & Hawkes
Producer No.BH 3000218
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Esprit Rude/Esprit Doux for flute and clarinet was composed for the celebration of Pierre Boulez's 60th birthday on March 31, 1985 in Baden-Baden. The title, translated as rough breathing/smooth breathing, refers to the pronunciation of classical Greek words beginning with a vowel or an “R”. With “Esprit Rude” (rough breathing) the initial vowel (or R) is to be preceded by a sounded H, and is indicated by a reversed comma above the letter. With Esprit Doux (smooth breathing) the initial vowel is not to be preceded by H and is indicated by a comma above the vowel. In the Greek for sixtieth year (transliterated as hexèkoston etos) the initial epsilon of the first word has a rough breathing sign while the epsilon of the second has a smooth one.