Modern Times – The Complete Series in One Volume

60 original graded contemporary works for guitar

for: Guitar

Music score (anthology)

Item no.469413
EditorRobert Brightmore
Scope72 pages; 23 × 30.5 cm
Release year2007
Producer No.ECH0750
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Delivery time: 2–3 working days (Germany )
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Modern Times' is an extremely attractive collection of contemporary graded guitar solos with an international flavour. A steady seller throughout the years which is highly recommended, this is a revised compilation of all the works in the former series.


  • BIBERIAN, Gilbert: Mexico
  • 18th September 1985
  • CARLEVARO, Abel: Estudios Primarios Nos.1 & 2
  • CORDERO, Ernesto: Estudio a la Cubana
  • CORDERO, Ernesto: Viñeta II.
  • HODEL, Brian: All that to which the name Jazz is given
  • HODEL, Brian: Baião
  • HUNT, Oliver: San Martín
  • KLEYNJANS, Francis: Arpège (from op.77)
  • KLEYNJANS, Francis: Chanson du Marin Disparu
  • ZARB, George: Episode
  • ZARB, George: Grekos
  • ZENAMON, Jaime: Preludio
  • ZENAMON, Jaime: Escalado
  • ZENAMON, Jaime: Paisaje
  • ZARB, George: Bear Dance
  • ZARB, George: Arkoudohoros
  • ZARB, George: Estudio
  • HUNT, Oliver: Autumn Mist
  • SOEWANDI, S.: Landscape
  • SOEWANDI, S.: Sea Picture
  • BIBERIAN, G.: Drones
  • BIBERIAN, G.: Bear Dance
  • DOMENICONI, Carlo: Danza del Cuculo
  • ZENAMON, Jaime: La Noche
  • CORDERO, Ernesto: Viñeta Criolla I
  • CORDERO, Ernesto: Estudio Fugaz
  • HODEL, Brian: The Devil's Playground
  • BIBERIAN, Gilbert: Petit Prélude
  • BYATT, Martin: Reggae Sunrise
  • BYATT, Martin: Hangin' Around
  • ZENAMON, Jaime: Recuerdo
  • ZENAMON, Jaime: Cascade
  • ZARB, George: Effects
  • CARLEVARO, Abel: Estudio (Poco libero)
  • CARLEVARO, Abel: Estudio-Movimiento Alternado
  • CORDERO, Ernesto: Viñeta Criolla III.
  • KLEYNJANS, Francis: Valse
  • KLEYNJANS, Francis: Simple Mélodie
  • CHARLTON, Richard: Cakewalk
  • BYATT, Martin: Down and Out
  • ZENAMON, Jaime: Chinese Blossom
  • ZENAMON, Jaime: Motivo de Danza
  • ZENAMON, Jaime: Preludio
  • KLEYNJANS, Francis: Petite Valse Intime et Sentimentale
  • KLEYNJANS, Francis: Humoresque
  • Au Claire-Obscure
  • KLEYNJANS, Francis: Le Moulin de Loya
  • IZNAOLA, Ricardo: Miniatures Nos. 1 & 2.
  • CORDERO, Ernesto: El Jardín de los Lagartos
  • CHARLTON, Richard: Berceuse
  • BYATT, Martin: P. C. in Blue
  • ZENAMON, Jaime: Canción de Cuna
  • ZENAMON, Jaime: Sad Mood
  • DOMENICONI, Carlo: Omaggio a Abel Carlevaro
  • DOMENICONI, Carlo: Alba
  • KLEYNJANS, Francis: Amertune No. 4
  • KLEYNJANS, Francis: Hommage à Tárrega
  • KLEYNJANS, Francis: Chanson 'Pour Delphine'
  • ZARB, George: Estudio Poético.