Kurt Birsak

The Clarinet

A cultural history

for: Clarinet

Book (Hardcover)

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Author/ComposerKurt Birsak
Scope170 pages; 17 × 23 cm
Publisher/ProducerHans Obermayer
Producer No.9783927781061
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In praise of the clarinet -The invention of the clarinet and its baroque history -The cantabile style and the clarinet as an amateur instrument -The hurdles in the clarinettist?s path -The practical and ideal values of the various systems of fingering -The low-pitched clarinets Clarinet virtuosi Varieties of clarinet-playing -The clarinet as a folk instrument -The clarinet in the military band Jazz improvisation -The clarinettist as entertainer -The various ways of learning to play the clarinet -39 b/w photographs and sketches, 15 colour photographs, wide range of musical excerpts.