Michiel Oldenkamp

Michiel Oldenkamp is a saxophonist and (co)author of numerous music books, of which the teaching work "Listening, reading & playing" is the best known. This highly successful school has been translated into five languages and is the standard work at many music schools throughout Europe. Michiel took his first musical steps on the clarinet and has been playing the saxophone since he was twelve. The switch to the saxophone led to saxophone studies at the conservatories of Enschede and Maastricht. In Enschede, he studied with Karl Veen, to whom he owes his love for the teaching profession and also the recognition that being a teacher is a subject in itself - a task that has to be set again and again in order to do justice to every pupil. In Maastricht, Michiel completed his studies as a concert musician with Norbert Nozy, from whom he learned above all that this subject requires a high degree of discipline and a lot of bite. After his studies he began to work as a saxophone teacher and saxophonist. He worked at several music schools and gained a lot of teaching experience with a workload of more than 100 students. At the same time he taught on a project basis at the Lisztakademie in Budapest, where he built up the main subject classical saxophone, which until then had not been taken seriously in Hungary. As a saxophonist Michiel played in numerous professional ensembles in the Netherlands. Among them were classical ensembles as well as excellent jazz and big bands. In 1998 he joined the music publishing house De Haske, where he developed and printed countless books.