Sheet music by Alexander Arutjunjan

Alexander Grigorjewitsch Arutjunjan, also Harut’yunyan, was an Armenian composer in the USSR.

Arutjunjan received his first piano lessons as a child and began to study composition and piano at the conservatory in his hometown in 1934. In 1941 he interrupted his studies and did not continue them until 1944 at the Moscow Conservatory (with Nikolai Peiko, among others). In 1946 he finished his studies and returned to Yerevan the following year. In the following years he made a name for himself especially through his cantata von der Heimat and his trumpet concerto as a composer. Especially the trumpet concert made him internationally known. In 1954 Arutjunjan was appointed teacher of composition at the Yerevan Conservatory; in 1977 he was appointed professor. He also distinguished himself as a pianist. Arutjunjan has received many awards throughout his career.