Carmine Appice (b.1946)

Realistic Drum Styles

Expand Your Arsenal of Techniques

for: Drum kit

Music lesson book, playback-CD

Item no.622761
Author/ComposerCarmine Appice
Scope88 pages; 23 × 30.5 cm
Release year2013
Publisher/ProducerAlfred Music
Producer No.ALF0035140
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This reissue of Carmine Appice’s classics Realistic Double Feet and Realistic Reggae Rock will propel your rock drumming to new heights! This edition features new exercises, a play-along recording and bonus QuickTime video demos. Realistic Double Feet will get your double bass drumming skills ROCKING! All firmly grounded in rock drumming, the 12 lessons will take you through strengthening and coordination exercises, triplet patterns, shuffle grooves, exercises in 3/4, and fills. Each lesson concludes with a solo using the techniques you learn throughout the book. There is also a new section on Double Feet Control with video examples featuring John Tempesta from White Zombie. You’ll quickly learn to annihilate your double bass drums just like Carmine. Realistic Reggae Rock explores the challenging rhythmic possibilities of hybrid rock/reggae grooves. The lessons take you through various eighth-note and sixteenth-note grooves, complete with 12-, 16-, and 20-bar exercises that use everything you’ve learned. Carmine then offers tons of fill and riff ideas, and completes the book with his Three Levels of Rhythm concept. The CD includes newly recorded play-along examples. Both books are must-have classics for the serious rock drummer.


Exercises 12 Bar Exercise Part III: Two Bar Exercises (or more!) Dotted Sixteenths and Thirty-Seconds Part II: Dotted Eighth and Sixteenths Part V: Three Levels of Rhythm Key to the Book Part I: Hi-Hat Patterns Exercises 4 Bar Phrases 16 Bar Exercise 12 Bar Exercise Part IV: Reggae Drum Fills 2 Bar Fills Exercises 16 Bar Exercise Contents of the Audio Tracks Equipment List (1983) Introduction Realistic Reggae Rock Realistic Double Feet Realistic Double Feet: Reggae Realistic Scrap Book 20 Bar Exercise Discography (1983) Introduction to Realistic Reggae Rock