Lucio Franco Amanti (b.1977)

ReSolUtIo op. 74

Impressions on Beethoven's "Harp Quartet" op. 74
for String Quartet

for: 2 violins, viola, cello (string quartet)

Score, Parts

Item no.683481
Author/ComposerLucio Franco Amanti
EditorCuarteto Casals
Scope56 pages
Duration14 minutes
Release year2019
Publisher/ProducerSchott Music
Producer No.ED 22674
42.00 €
Delivery time: 2–3 working days (Germany )
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When Cuarteto Casals approached me with the idea of illuminating Beethoven´s quartets anew, you can imagine the many thoughts and feelings that where going through my mind: what a joy, what a great honor… What an intriguing head-scratcher! How can you possibly shine a new light on something that is already perfect?

Weeks, months went by in search of a common ground between the Master and myself until I finally found it in the realization that a word lays “hidden” in the St. John’s hymn that gave musical notes their original name: ‘Re, Sol, Ut, Io’ (D, G, C, B in English music notation) Perfect! “Resolutio” in Latin means both the resolution of a problem and the re-solution: a re-blend of many elements that will eventually coagulate to make something new.

There was finally the melodic and a rhythmical canvas for my piece. On this canvas I wrote the story of a funny little contest, played on a sunny Mediterranean square, between street musicians and Cuarteto Casals just minutes before they are about to go on stage to perform Beethoven´s “Harp Quartet”.

After all the characters, each in his own way, had the chance to tell their story, a gentle rain starts to fall, dissolving (Re-solving) again the music sheet to eventually leave us with just a white piece of paper for somebody else to continue the Work. (Lucio Franco Amanti)