Sophie Dufeutrelle


für Flötenorchester

Besetzung: Flötenensemble

Partitur, Stimmen

Autor/KomponistSophie Dufeutrelle
Umfang78 Seiten
Dauer10 Minuten
Hersteller/VerlagAlphonse Leduc
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'Marine' illustrates colors and mood of the sea.

The piece is composed of two movements.:

1 / BRUME (mist) is an improvisation on patterns in the style of TIME VARIABLE, but topic is the maritime world (wind, seagulls, trawlers, waves etc.)

2 / CHANSON ET DANSE (SONG AND DANCE) is written in classical notation, presents a melancholy ternary song and a lively and

slightly dance that closes the piece.

Instrumentation from piccolo to contrabass flute, and mainly thought intermediate players, with advanced flutists for low flutes,

a special part is dedicated to beginners.

Ideal piece of flute orchestra for an entire flute class!