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Frédéric Chopin (1810 – 1849)

My First Chopin

Easiest Piano Pieces by Frédéric Chopin

Also available: My First Chopin (Print edition)

Musical EditionsMusic score
Item no.758687
Author / ComposerFrédéric Chopin
EditorWilhelm Ohmen
Scope52 pages
Publisher / ProducerSchott Music
Producer No.ED 22459 Q43619


Chopin – this is passion, elegance and melancholy! And it is exactly what makes him well liked in piano lessons and while music-making at home. Chopin's music is technically quite demanding, but thanks to the suitable fingerings of the composer most technical figures are very comfortable in the hands and can be easily played by advanced pianists. The collection contains Chopin's easiest piano pieces in one volume which is perfect for piano lessons – but also for playing the piano at home.


Polish Song - Polonaise G minor Bl 1 - Prélude E minor, op. 28/4 - Prélude B minor, op. 28/6 - Prélude A major, op. 28/7 - Prélude D-flat Major, op. 28/15 - Prélude C minor, op. 28/20 - Waltz E-flat major, op. posth. - Waltz A minor, op. posth. - Waltz A minor, op. 34/2 - Waltz B minor, op. 69/2 - Mazurka B major, op. 7/1 - Mazurka A minor, op. 7/2 - Mazurka C major, op. 7/45 - Mazurka G minor, op. 24/1 - Mazurka C major, op. 33/3 - Mazurka G minor, op. 67/2 - Mazurka F major, op. 68/3 - Nocturne G minor, op. 37/3 - Nocturne C-sharp minor BI 49 - Marche funèbre aus Sonate B-flat minor, op. 35

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