Celtic Harp Music of Carolan and Others


Musical EditionsMusic score
Item no.261319
Scope112 pages; 22.9 × 30.5 cm
Release year1995
Publisher / ProducerCenterstream
Producer No.HL00000100


This unique publication features 45 harp tunes beautifully arranged for solo guitar. It also includes an introduction to the book's origins, info on the Celtic harp and biographical information on the author and TurloughO'Carolan. Most songs are arranged at an intermediate-level of difficulty and use standard tunings so that classical guitarists can enjoy them as well as steel-string fingerstylists.


  • [Unknown]
  • Brian Boru's March - Anonymous
  • Brighid Cruis (Third And Fourth Airs)
  • Carolan's Compositions:
  • Carolan's Farewell To Music
  • Carolan's Quarrel With The Landlady
  • Carolan's Welcome (No. 171)
  • Col. John Irwin
  • Dr. John Hart
  • Dr. John Stafford (Carolan's Reciept)
  • Eileen Aroon - Carol O'daly: Variation By Cornelius Lyons
  • Elizabeth Macdermott Roe
  • Fanny Poer
  • George Brabazon (Second Air)
  • Give Me Your Hand - Rory Dhall O'cahan
  • Hugh O'donnell
  • John O'Connor
  • Katherine O'more
  • Killiecrankie - Thomas Connellan
  • Kitty Tyrell - Anonymous
  • Lady Athenry
  • Lady Iveah - Thoma Connellan
  • Lady St. John
  • Limerick's Lamentation -myles O'riley
  • Lord Inchiquin
  • Love's A Tomenting Pain - William Connellan
  • Mabel Kelly
  • Madam Judge
  • Micheal O'connor (Jig From First Air)
  • Molly Macalpin - William Connellan
  • Molly St. George - Thomas Connellan
  • Morgan Magan
  • Mrs. Maxwell
  • Mrs. Poer (Carolan's Cencertos)
  • Planxty Browne (No. 180)
  • Planxty Hewlett
  • Planxty O'flinn
  • Port Atholl - Rory Dhall O'cahan
  • Port Lennox - Rory Dhall O'cahan
  • Port Patrick - Anonymous
  • Sheebeg And Shemore
  • Squire Wood's Lamentation On Refuseal Of Ye Halfpence
  • The Coolin - Anonymous
  • The Return From Fingal - Anonymous
  • The Royal Lament 0 John Garbh Maclean
  • Traditional Irish & Scottish Tunes:
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