Jean Caprice

Zuckerbrod & Peytsche

10 Easy Pieces for Accordion
Tango – Musette – Waltzes – Russian Melodies – Ukrainian Dances

Jean Caprice - Zuckerbrod & PeytscheJean Caprice - Zuckerbrod & PeytscheJean Caprice - Zuckerbrod & PeytscheJean Caprice - Zuckerbrod & Peytsche

Valse séphardique

Ukrainian Dance no.2

Sea Shanty Waltz

Musical EditionsMusic score (anthology), Audio-CD
Item no.655484
Author / ComposerJean Caprice
Scope40 pages; 21 × 29.5 cm
Release year2015
Publisher / ProducerAlfred Music
Producer No.ALF 20258G


Zuckerbrod & Peytsche» is a collection of ten easy pieces for accordion written by the composer, musician, and writer Jean Caprice who is currently living in London. These compositions are pieces taken from the soundtrack of his first novel «Zuckerbrod & Peytsche». The accordion folio comes along with CD-recordings of each of the ten pieces played by the composer himself on his Hohner Arietta I M accordion from 1953. The wooden clapping of its keys you can hear while listening to the CD gives a nostalgic sentimental touch to the recording. Three of the pieces the Ukrainian Dance N . 1, Russian Melodies, and Valse Sans Adieu are dramaturgically part of the novel which is set in Paris, Moscow and Marseille. The other seven compositions in this music book are not named in the novel but are written in the spirit of the plot and they are also part of the novel s soundtrack.

The titles of the works like Valse Séphardique, Schlemingway Tango, Valse Musette ou Mazurka, Papillons Musette, Sea Shanty Waltz or Ukrainian Dance N . 2 and Ukrainian Dance N . 3 adumbrate the musical styles this music moves between. The music of Jean Caprice presents a blend of styles from charming French musette, to spirited Eastern European dance, or romantic tango, the nostalgic echoes of which might remind a listener of the unforgettable and beautiful melodies written by Yann Tiersen. Excerpts from Jean Caprice s novel have been serialised by the German Akkordeon Magazine in 2015.


  • Papillons Musette
  • Russian Melodies
  • Schlemingway Tango
  • Sea Shanty Waltz
  • Ukrainian Dance no.1
  • Ukrainian Dance no.2
  • Ukrainian Dance no.3
  • Valse Musette ou Mazurka
  • Valse sans adieu
  • Valse séphardique
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