Elizabethan Keyboard Music

Musica Britannica 55

forPiano [harpsichord/organ]
Musical EditionsMusic score (anthology)
Item no.365753
EditorAlan Brown
Scope216 pages; 25.4 × 33 cm
Release year1989
Publisher / ProducerStainer & Bell
Producer No.MB55


In conjunction with MB66, this volume draws on manuscript sources of Tudor keyboard music to create a comprehensive edition of all the material which has not yet found a place in the series, or in comparable library editions.


  • Anon Aeterne Rex Altissime
  • Anon Alman [in G]
  • Anon Alman [in g]
  • Anon Galliard [in C]
  • Anon Galliard [in G]
  • Anon Jig [in F]
  • Anon Lavecchia Galliard
  • Anon Lavecchia Pavan
  • Anon Miserere
  • Anon, set by? New Medley
  • Anon Pavan [in a]
  • Anon Pavan [in d]
  • Anon Pavan [in G]
  • Anon [Prelude?] (fragment)
  • Anon Prelude [in G]
  • Anon Quadran Galliard (No. 9b in volume)
  • Anon Quadran Galliard (No. 23 in volume)
  • Anon Quadran Pavan
  • Anon Rogero
  • Anon Si je me plains
  • Anon [Toy] [in G]
  • Anon Watkin’s Ale
  • Anon [John Bull] Why ask you
  • BICKERLLS Pavan [in a]
  • [BYRD, William ?] Alman [in C]
  • BYRD, William, set by? Care for thy soul
  • BYRD, William Fantasia [in g]
  • BYRD, William [?] Galliard [in C]
  • BYRD, William, set by? If that a sinner’s sighs
  • BYRD, William, set by? Lullaby, my sweet little baby
  • BYRD, William [?] Miserere mei Deus
  • BYRD, William, set by? My mind to me a kingdom is
  • BYRD, William, set by? O God, but God
  • BYRD, William O quam gloriosum est regnum
  • BYRD, William [?] Pavan [in C]
  • [BYRD, William ?] Prelude [in F]
  • [BYRD, William ?] Prelude [in G]
  • BYRD, William, set by? Susanna fair
  • DOWLAND, John set by? If my complaints or Piper’s Galliard
  • DOWLAND, John set by? Lachrymae Pavan
  • DOWLAND, John set by? Lady Layton’s Alman
  • FERRABOSCO I, Alfonso Fantasia [in g]
  • HARDING, James Fantasia I [in d]
  • HARDING, James Fantasia II [in d]
  • HOLBORNE, Anthony, set by? Galliard: The Queen’s New Year’s Gift
  • INGLOTT [William] Pavan [in G]
  • JOHNSON, [John], set by? Flat Pavan
  • JOHNSON, [John], set by? Johnson’s Medley
  • KINLOCH, [William] Galliard [in G]
  • KINLOCH, [William] Pavan [in G]
  • LASSUS de, Orlande, set by? Susanne un jour
  • MARCHANT, [John] Galliard [in G]
  • MARCHANT, [John] Pavan [in G]
  • [MARCHANT, John] Marchant’s Dream
  • MORLEY, Thomas Alman [in C]
  • MORLEY, Thomas Galliard [in G]
  • MORLEY, Thomas Quadran Pavan
  • PARADISO, Renaldo Fantasia [in g]
  • RICHARDSON, Ferdinand Alman [in G]
  • RICHARDSON, Ferdinand Galliard [in a]
  • RICHARDSON, Ferdinand Galliard [in d]
  • RICHARDSON, Ferdinand Pavan [in a]
  • RICHARDSON, Ferdinand Pavan [in d]
  • RICHARDSON, Ferdinand Variatio [in d] (No. 14b in volume)
  • RICHARDSON, Ferdinand Variatio [in d] (No. 14d in volume)
  • WEELKES, Thomas Galliard [in d]
  • [WEELKES, Thomas ?] Ground [in G]
  • [WEELKES, Thomas ?] Rowland
  • [VAN WILDER], Philip Las que feray
  • [VAN WILDER], Philip Shall I despair
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