Louie Bellson (1924 – 2009), Gil Breines

Modern Reading Text in 4/4

Syncopation Studies designed to develop Accuracy and Speed in Sight Reading
for all instruments

Musical EditionsMusic lesson book
Item no.403587
Author / ComposerLouie Bellson, Gil Breines
Scope94 pages
Release year1985
Publisher / ProducerAlfred Music
Producer No.IMP 50345


This book has become a classic in all musicians' libraries for rhythmic analysis and study. Designed to teach syncopation within 4/4 time, the exercises also develop speed and accuracy in sight-reading with uncommon rhythmic figures. A must for all musicians, especially percussionists interested in syncopation.


  • 14 Exercises (Summary)
  • Common Writing Of Syncopation
  • Introducing 16th Note Triplets
  • Introducing 16th Notes And 16th Rests
  • Introducing 16th Notes Ties
  • Introducing 32nd Note Triplets
  • Introducing 8th Note Triplets
  • Introducing Dotted Notes And Rests
  • Introducing Double Time
  • Introducing Half Note Triplets
  • Introducing Quarter Notes Triplets
  • Introducing Quarter Notes, 8th Notes, 8th Rests
  • Introducing The Tie
  • Syncopation With Triplets
  • Ten Syncopated Exercises
  • Ten Syncopated Exercises With 16th Notes
  • Two Measure Double Time Phrases
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