Basic Guitar Lessons

für: Gitarre

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  • Getting Started
  • Holding The Guitar
  • The Pick
  • Notes On The First String
  • Notes On The Second String
  • First Tunes On The First String
  • Rhythm Session Quarter Notes And Half Notes
  • Review The Notes You'Ve Learned So Far
  • Rhythm Session Whole Notes
  • Notes On The Third String
  • Review The Notes You'Ve Learned So Far
  • Four Folk Songs On Three Strings
  • Music Basic
  • Time
  • Rhythm Session The Dotted Half Note
  • Combining Notes Into Chords
  • The Tie
  • Review Writing Your Own Song
  • Notes On The Fourth String
  • Rhythm Session Eighth Notes
  • Techniques And Touches
  • Alternating Pick Strokes
  • The Pick Up
  • Notes On The Sixth String
  • Review The 17 Notes So Far
  • Six String Exercise
  • Rhythm Session Syncopation
  • Music Basics
  • Chord Diagrams
  • Sharps And Flats
  • Rhythm Session Dotted Quarter Notes
  • Tuning Your Guitar
  • Tunig Without A Piano Or Pitchpipe
  • Glossary Of Terms