Samuel Barber (1910 – 1981)

65 Songs – Medium/Low Voice

Samuel Barber - 65 Songs – Medium/Low VoiceSamuel Barber - 65 Songs – Medium/Low VoiceSamuel Barber - 65 Songs – Medium/Low VoiceSamuel Barber - 65 Songs – Medium/Low VoiceSamuel Barber - 65 Songs – Medium/Low VoiceSamuel Barber - 65 Songs – Medium/Low VoiceSamuel Barber - 65 Songs – Medium/Low Voice
forVoice (medium/low), piano
Musical EditionsMusic score
Item no.578081
Author / ComposerSamuel Barber
Scope288 pages; 22.9 × 30.5 cm
Release year2010
Publisher / ProducerG. Schirmer
Producer No.HL50490045


A new edition of art songs by Samuel Barber, including the entire contents of the Collected Songs and Ten Early Songs, plus many songs never before published, with extensive introductory commentary.


  • Nocturne
  • Peace
  • Serenader
  • Love's Caution
  • Night Wanderers
  • Beggar's Song
  • Man
  • The Crucifixion
  • Longing
  • Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening
  • N/B

  • Three Songs, Op. 2Â The Daisies
  • With Rue My Heart Is Laden
  • Bessie Bobtail
  • Three Songs, Op. 10Â Rain Has Fallen
  • Sleep Now
  • I Hear An Army
  • Four Songs, Op. 13Â A Nun Takes The Veil
  • The Secrets Of The Old
  • Sure On This Shining Night
  • Two Songs, Op. 18Â The Queen's Face On The Summery Coin
  • Monks And Raisins
  • Nuvoletta, Op. 25
  • Múlodies Passagçres, Op. 27Â Puisque Tout Passe
  • Un Cygne
  • Tombeau Dans Un Parc
  • Le Clocher Chante
  • Dúpart
  • Hermit Songs, Op. 29Â At Saint Patrick's Purgatory
  • Church Bells At Night
  • St. Ita's Vision
  • The Heavenly Banquet
  • Sea-Snatch
  • Promiscuity
  • The Monk And His Cat
  • The Praises Of God
  • The Desire For Hermitage
  • Despite And Still, Op. 41Â A Last Song
  • My Lizard (Wish For Young Love)
  • In The Wilderness
  • Solitary Hotel
  • Despite And Still
  • Three Songs, Op. 45Â Now Have I Fed And Eaten Up The Rose
  • A Green Lowland Of Pianos
  • O Boundless, Boundless Evening
  • Ask Me To Rest
  • Au Claire De La Lune
  • Fantasy In Purple
  • In The Dark Pinewood
  • La Nuit
  • Love At The Door
  • Mother, I Cannot Mind My Wheel
  • Music, When Soft Voices Die
  • Of That So Sweet Imprisonment
  • A Slumber Song Of The Madonna
  • Strings In The Earth And Air
  • There's Nae Lark
  • Three Songs: The Words From Old Englandâ Lady, When I Behold The Roses
  • An Earnest Suit To His Unkind Mistress Not To Forsake Him
  • Two Poems Of The Windâ Little Children Of The Wind
  • Thy Love
  • Two Songs Of Youthâ I Never Thought That Youth Would Go
  • Invocation To Youth
  • Watchers
  • Who Carries Corn And Crown
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