Johann Sebastian Bach (16851750)

Œuvres complètes pour Orgue 5

für: Orgel


Autor/KomponistJohann Sebastian Bach
HerausgeberMarcel Dupré
Verlag/HerstellerAlphonse Leduc Éditions Musicales
Hersteller-Nr.AL 27719
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As one of the most famous contributors to classical music ever to have lived, Johann Sebastian Bach 's (1685-1750) catalogue is extensive. Moreover, being an organist himself, his Organ works are significant and remain ever-popular to this day.

When French organist, Marcel Dupré (1886-1971) compiled the series of Bach 's Complete Organ Works, it was well-received, and to this day remains popular with all organists. The fifth volume includes a selection of Bach 's favoured Preludes and Fugues and Fantasies. In addition, Dupré 's annotations in Complete Organ Works comprise fingerings, rules on technique and instructions on ornamentation, among other aspects. Thiscompilation of J. S. Bach 's most loved compositions for the Organ cannot be missed by aspiring performers of the instrument.


  • 8 Kleine Präludien und Fugen
  • 3 Preludien
  • 9 Fugen
  • 10 Fantasien