Lieder der Hoffnung und Versöhnung

für: Gemischter Chor; Klavier [Keyboard/Gitarre] ad lib.

HerausgeberMaggie Hamilton, Päivi Jussila
Schwierigkeitsehr leicht
Sprachendeutsch, englisch, französisch
Umfang220 Seiten; 17,0 x 25 cm
Verlag/HerstellerOxford University Press
Hersteller-Nr.OUP 00023
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111 worship songs from around the world, including hymns from Africa, South and North America, Asia and the Pacific, and Europe. It presents a truly global range of material suitable for music leaders in churches of all denominations and in all countries.

Most of the hymns have singing translations in several languages, with English, German, French, and Spanish usually provided alongside the original language. There are songs in unison, two- and four-part harmony, and call and response items. Simple keyboard accompaniments are given, with guitar chords added where relevant.