Jamey Aebersold (*1939)

Shoutin' Out – The Music Of Horace Silver

Jamey Aebersold 86

für: Melodieinstrument (C/B/Es)

Notenbuch, Playback-CD

Autor/KomponistJamey Aebersold
Umfang76 Seiten
Verlag/HerstellerAdvance Music
Hersteller-Nr.ADV 14086-2
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Few musicians and composers rival Horace Silver's contribution to the jazz repertoire. His groups, recordings, and compositions have helped define the very shape of jazz today. A wide variety of Horace's work is represented here, with a varied assortment of styles, tempos, and harmonies. These songs, along with Horace's other classics featured on Volumes 17 and 18 are sure to please both listener and performer alike.


  • Doodlin'
  • The Hardbop Grandpop
  • Juicy Lucy
  • Jungle Juice
  • Mary Lou
  • Moon Rays
  • Penny
  • Pretty Eyes
  • Senor Blues
  • Sister
  • Serenade To A Soul
  • Shoutin' Out
  • Tokyo Blues