Jamey Aebersold (*1939)

Herbie Hancock

Jamey Aebersold Jazz Play-Along for All Musicians
Volume 11

für: Singstimme; Klavier ad lib.

Notenbuch, Playback-CD

Autor/KomponistJamey Aebersold
Umfang54 Seiten
Verlag/HerstellerAdvance Music
Hersteller-Nr.ADV 14011-2
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Lieferzeit: 2–3 Arbeitstage (Deutschland )
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Contains much variety; rock, modal, and swing. 8 songs written by Herbie Hancock that range from the funky Watermelon Man to the modal Maiden Voyage. Beginners will find tunes containing only 3 or 4 chords at relaxed tempos. Intermediate players will enjoy a variety of styles to choose from and advanced players can get into unusual changes and faster tempos. This, like Volumes 5, 17, 54, and 70, is another great transitional set to take you from learning scales and chords to actually improvising on real jazz standards.


  • Toys
  • Jessica
  • Dolphin Dance
  • Eye of the Hurricane
  • Maiden Voyage
  • Watermelon Man
  • Cantaloupe Island